Online Quiz Web Application

Designed and developed an online quiz web application. This is a quiz platform where users are able get registered as candidates and answer questions for a chosen subject module. This app falls under the Java Enterprise Application category as it is built using Java EE, EJB Modules, Class Libraries, and Hibernate. The super admin is capable of managing new admins, managing Q & A, and managing subject modules. Timer Services produce backups every month.

MedCure E-commerce Web App

I designed and built a fully functional e-commerce web application for a pharmacy named “MedCure” with secure payment gateway, user registration, product catalog, search/filter options, an easy-to-use shopping cart and a responsive design. This also contains a user-friendly admin panel. I also integrated social media and implemented SEO to increase traffic and sales. This is a robust platform offers an efficient and user-friendly online shopping experience for customers.

Moonstone Restaurant Website

I collaborated in maintaining and improving the site's SEO, security and email deliverability. Fixing all the issues related to effecting SEO, made it rank higher in Google. SEO was done for specific keywords. Adding high level security to the website, protected it from spam activities and malicious brute force attacks. It was able to identify and block users with blacklisted IP's. Improving email deliverability provided smooth communication between the owner and the clients.

Educational Android App

I participated as the backend developer and worked with my team in this Android project 'M3+' . This app helps abnormal students improve cognitive abilities through personalized brain-training exercises. It has a user-friendly interface, a goal-setting system, and a broad database of educational resources. This app also uses advanced algorithms to personalize the exercises to each user's unique strengths and weaknesses, ensuring maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

Employee Management API

This employee management system API built with Java and Spring Boot provides a RESTful API for managing employee records. It allows for CRUD operations (create, read, update, delete), searching and filtering on employee data. The API uses special unique codes to communicate with the front end and also provides error handling for invalid requests. Easy to use. The project follows the MVC design pattern and uses Spring Data JPA for database persistence.

DripBlood Android App

A blood donation Android application 'Dripblood', which is a platform for blood donors and recipients. The app allows users to register their blood type, location, and availability for donation, and helps connect them with nearby blood recipients. This is integrated with a secure Firebase Database and a user-friendly interface for browsing donor profiles and making donation requests, and a search functionality for finding donors based on specific blood types and locations.

Shop Management & POS System

This is a Java SE application which I developed for MedCure, a pharmacy. This consists of an intuitive admin panel that allows easy management of inventory, sales, suppliers, GRNs, and customer data. With the integrated POS system, MedCure can easily produce invoices as well as manage employee salaries, attendance, track inventory, and generate detailed sales reports for better business insights. Also, this has the ability to backup and restore database.

Lead Collection Chrome Extension

A simple lightweight Chrome extension using JavaScript that facilitates the collection of leads from potential clients. The extension offers a seamless lead collection process, allowing users to quickly and easily save or delete inputs such as website URLs. It's functionality makes it an invaluable tool for businesses and sales teams looking to expand their client base. Easy to install and use.